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Bars & Restaurants are the real winners during the NHL season

gridWhat’s a fun, wholesome way for restaurants to triple their food and beverages sales on a slow weeknight? Think Phil Kessel or Henrik Sedin.

Television sets are becoming almost ubiquitous in bars and restaurants, and for good reason — they help to engage customers and keep them in the establishment for longer periods of time. Used properly, television programming can make your place a destination spot, help boost traffic during seasonal lows and increase sales of high-margin items like appetizers, snacks and alcohol. But there’s more to consider than simply hanging a new wide-screen plasma set on the wall and plugging it in.

With so much live hockey on TV this season, it is time to turn your bar or restaurant into the ultimate hockey destination. Finding and navigating your bar or restaurant’s sports channels has never been this simple.

With NHL Centre Ice, you’ll be able to show up to 37 regular season, out-of-market NHL games every week in both SD and HD. Bundle your internet, phone and TV, you’ll receive one season of NHL Centre Ice™ for free – that’s more than a $1200.00 value. Whether your customers are looking to follow their favourite team, players, or just a game featuring the league’s best stars, they’ll know your establishment is the best place to do it.

For more information about NHL Centre Ice™ contact your local Small Business Specialist today.

 How do you use television programming to bring in new customers or keep existing ones engaged longer?



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Transforming business with the Internet of Things: interview with Mansell Nelson

The InMansell Nelsonternet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic these days. It seems everyone is talking about the growing numbers of consumer products and business systems that are being connected wirelessly. The potential business upside is huge; a recent Wall Street Journal article cites an IDC prediction that the value of the global IoT market will hit $7.1 trillion by 2020.

A lot of attention is paid to the end benefits for consumers. Connected home appliances, wearable technologies and even cars have the potential to save time and money, provide valuable information and make people’s lives a lot easier. But there are many important advantages for businesses as well, not the least of which is the vast quantity of data that IoT solutions can provide for business intelligence.

We recently interviewed Mansell Nelson, Senior Vice President, Products and Solutions at Rogers for his perspective on IoT and why it matters for business. Here are some excerpts from that interview:

Why is the Internet of Things an important topic today?

I believe we’re at a transition point in history where the Internet of Things is soon going to connect all machines up to the Internet, and it’s going to fundamentally change the way we work and play.

How will IoT have an impact on businesses in the near future?

Businesses need to start thinking about the Internet of Things. I don’t think any company is immune. If you’re a manufacturer or a service company, it’s going to have a material impact on your company, be it the way you manufacture your goods, you support [them], your front line workers… it’s going to impact all parts of your value chain.

Can you provide examples of how businesses are using IoT today?

A great example of the Internet of Things is on-street parking meters.  Most cities in Canada now have their parking meters connected….  So it takes fewer people to maintain these systems now, and the city actually also makes more revenue by making it convenient for customers.  Many cities are now moving to [allow you] to top up your parking meter with your cell phone, really adding to that convenience for the end user.

Another great example is the logistics industry, where I think there’s a lot of wastage today…. So today we could put a sensor in [a drop box] and fully automate that chain of events and have the closest vehicle go by and pick it up when there’s something in there, enabling the company to be more productive and… make sure that the package arrives on time….

Watch the interview with Mansell Nelson now.

How are you using or planning to use IoT to transform your business?

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BlackBerry Passport redefines productivity for mobile professionals

BB PassportAs the mobile workforce trend becomes entrenched in how businesses operate, it is becoming increasingly important for employees to have the right tools to do their jobs at the highest levels of efficiency to remain competitive in today’s fast-moving business world.

Starting next week, Rogers™ will be carrying the new BlackBerry® Passport, a smartphone that complements a busy work schedule and arms mobile professionals with the tools to make them more productive on-the-go. Check out the features below:

  • The 4.5 inch square touch screen is designed for a better web browsing, reading, editing, and maps experience
  • With 30 hours of battery life the BlackBerry Passport can be used from the early hours of the morning to late evening dinners or networking events.

The BlackBerry Passport comes ready with the latest version of BlackBerry 10.3 OS that includes great features:

  • Blackberry® Blend  brings messages and documents from your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer and tablet so you can access work materials from any device. Get instant notifications, read and respond to your work and personal messages, and access your documents, calendar, contacts and media in real time on whatever device you are on, powered by your BlackBerry.
  • BlackBerry Assistant keeps you organized by letting you manage emails, contacts and calendar through simple voice and text commands
  • BlackBerry Passport comes equipped with the company’s unique security and encryption feature for emails and messages.

The Passport is now available with Rogers business reservation system and will be available in retail stores and at starting on Wednesday, October 1.

For more information about this device contact your local Rogers Small Business Specialist.

How do you use your smartphone to keep you connected to your office?

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Mobilizing Customer Engagement

customer engagement post Oct 2014Mobility has profoundly changed our customers’ habits and expectations, and companies are hustling to keep up. In the mobile marketplace, the biggest business challenge isn’t connecting to potential clients—it’s figuring out how to form stronger, more dynamic customer relationships.

And the stakes have never been higher. Today’s omni-channel customers carry their mobile devices everywhere and expect instant access to information, transactions and support. They also have increasingly high expectations that their customer experiences will be consistent across all channels.

To succeed in this environment, businesses need to develop a compelling mobile engagement strategy, one that continuously earns them the privilege of residing in customers’ mobile devices and be carried around in their pockets. Two important components of your mobile engagement strategy could include building metrics around customers’ mobile activities and providing employees with the tools to make the most of the new mobile paradigm.

Use Metrics to Better Understand Your Customers

Using a Wi-Fi network and location sensors can capture valuable metrics that can form the basis of powerful sales campaigns. Customer data typically remain anonymous and are aggregated in reports, and enable marketing and customer experience strategists to:

1. Understand traffic patterns in and near their stores, and plan accordingly

2. Better understand consumer behaviour and the preferences behind it

3. Focus marketing campaigns by location

4. Deliver relevant mobile offers in real time

If a customer agrees to share information (through a loyalty program or other offer, like guest Wi-Fi), metrics can be associated with that individual and used to target them with personalized messaging suited to their tastes.

Equip Employees to Better Serve Customers

Employees can also use mobility’s vast potential for customer engagement to transform the in-store experience. Mobile tools and applications like mobile clienteling can help employees make the right decisions, instantaneously. The benefits of employees having access to real-time information include:

1. More personalized service, which enhances customer satisfaction

2. Significantly improved save-the-sale capabilities

3. Better on-shelf product assortment, which both improves the customer experience and increases sales

4. A more efficient supply chain through more timely inventory counts

Mobile consumers are redefining the customer experience, and businesses can do more than simply respond—they can consciously, strategically and directly engage with mobile consumers and be central to this transformation.

How is your business using mobile and wireless solutions to engage with customers?

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Tough enough for any user: the Samsung GALAXYS5 Active

00-G870A_Galaxy_S5_Active_Gray_v_front_EN-LRIf you work in harsh conditions, you know how easy it is to damage or ruin your mobile phone.

Built strong to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling, a true rugged device is substantially less susceptible to damage than non-rugged devices. The Samsung GALAXY S5 Active meets military standard specifications for dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, solar radiation, altitude, and extreme temperatures.

Now you can have a device that holds up against the rigor of your job site while still meeting all your smartphone needs:

Take on the Elements: designed for Canadians who work in the field, and in tough weather conditions With the GALAXY S5 Active withstands the effect of dust and the effect of water immersion of up to 1 m for 30 minutes.

Stay connected from anywhere: When access to power outlets are a luxury, the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature conserves battery life when you need it most by switching to a black and white display and limiting app options, getting up 24 hours on just 10% battery. Severe weather alerts are also available to keep users updated on extreme conditions.

Separate Work and Play: Like having two devices in one, Samsung KNOX Workspace creates a virtual, separate and more secure space on the GALAXYS5 Active that lets users keep business data more safe and maintain productivity on the road.

Business On-The-Go: Turn your Samsung GALAXY S5 Active into the ultimate mobile office with Locqus Field Service Management solution. Locqus makes it easy for field service businesses – like electricians, contractors, home repair service technicians and others – to schedule and dispatch jobs, track employee location and get real-time status.

The Samsung GALAXY S5 Active is now available in stores and on For more information contact your local Small Business Specialist.

Do you work in an outdoor or harsh environment? What device are you using to stay connected?



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Money in the bank: Time is the new currency

Time is the new currency imageIn June, Rogers CEO Guy Laurence delivered a speech at the Canadian Telecom Summit called Time Is the New Currency. Near the beginning of this speech, he asked, “Have you noticed that people now talk about spending time…the same way they talk about spending money?” and “ Why are we so willing to open up our wallets to buy time?” We simply have many more demands on our time. Canadians are working harder and more hours than ever. On top of this, the demands of family and home are becoming increasingly complicated—and become even more intense in September, as annual strategic planning winds up and we all rush to meet our goals, deadlines and budgets; and as the kids go back to school and their lives become increasingly busy, so too do their families’.

In our increasingly connected and complex world, it seems that time is the only thing we have less of than we’d like. Guy Laurence sees technology as a way to buy us more of this precious commodity. Whether through streamlining business processes or by helping people work more productively and efficiently, technology is the key to people in myriad different industries and roles, all over Canada, getting more time back.

Read Guy’s full speech here.

Here a few of the ways people and businesses can buy themselves more time by adopting the right technologies:

These are just a few of the ways Rogers is working to help businesses like yours save time.

How does technology save you time now? How do you think new technologies will give you back even more time in the future?

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Go from mom-and-pop to mega-shop with Engage from OutRank by Rogers

engage imageAs small business owners, you recognize the power of social media and online reviews to engage customers, but it can be hard to know where to start.

In fact, 84 per cent of Canadian small businesses believe it is important to find, keep and earn new customers through digital and social channels but cited no budget (44%), little in-house expertise (42%), and lack of resources (34%) as the main obstacles to adoption according to recent survey conducted by Rogers.

To help small businesses master these powerful digital tools, today Rogers OutRank launched Engage, a cost-effective tool that helps small businesses grow, while getting a comprehensive picture of their marketing results, online reputation, and website performance, all in one place. Users can confidently track performance and manage reviews across desktop, tablets, and mobile devices with a dedicated customer support team, this allows business owners with limited resources to spend more time focusing on their core businesses and less time buried in multiple interfaces and spreadsheets.

“As a very small business, we are strapped for resources and Engage helped us build and manage a website that we use to connect with our customers on a daily basis,” says Chad Leibel, Owner of Leibel MacMillan Insurance and Engage customer.   “With the Rogers OutRank platform, we can easily add or remove photos, reviews, and other things without a big IT department. It’s a minimal investment for a potentially huge return.”

We asked over 250 Canadian small businesses about their challenges and triumphs integrating social media and digital marketing into their operations.  Here’s what we found:

  • Driving sales and increasing brand awareness are the most important objectives for marketing their business in the digital sphere.
  • 60% of Canadian small businesses agree social media and email channels are crucial to attracting new customers, but don’t have the time or resources to manage them.
  • 1 in 3 Canadians believes that word of mouth through online reviews is the primary driver of new business
  • 40% of Canadian small businesses believe they would save time and gain new customers if they had a tool to manage their social media and online presence.

For more information about Engage and OutRank by Rogers, visit

How are you using online reviews and social media to benefit your business?

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Five essential tips for the travelling entrepreneur

bizThis post, written by Jared Lindzon, originally appeared on Betakit and has been republished with permission.

Small business owners can rarely afford to take a step out of the office, let alone the country, which make travel plans — even for business purposes — a major productivity sacrifice. Fortunately, today’s workplace has become ubiquitous, and with the right technological tools, small business owners can keep one foot in the office no matter what part of the world they’re in.

Keep Tech Light and Powerful

CEOs on the go can’t afford the luggage space or muscle strength required to drag an office worth of equipment onto an airplane, which makes compact hardware a vital companion. Fortunately, lightweight laptops, tablets and smartphones can accomplish more today than a clunky desktop could 10 years ago.

Take it To the Cloud

Lightweight mobile devices are also becoming more powerful thanks to emerging cloud technologies. Instead of saving documents, applications and other media onto physical hard drives, cloud technologies like Office 365, Rogers Mobile Work Folder, and Google Drive allow users to stay directly connected to their files and their office on the go.

Avoid Hard Copies- Use Mobile Apps that Can Scan

While printers are still a key component of any office environment, they’re not very favourable travel companions. Most hotels and offices on the road are more than happy to print documents, but putting the old John Hancock on a physical document and sending it back to the office via email isn’t always an option without an all-in-one printer/scanner. Fortunately, there’s the JotNot Scanner, an iPhone application that allows users to take pictures of documents with their smart phone and save them as PDF files, ready for emailing back to HQ.

Poke Your Head Through the Window

While it’s difficult to keep an eye on things at the office without a physical presence, there are a wide variety of free video conferencing programs available, which allow users to digitally attend meetings and conferences. Application such as Skype, Google Hangout and Oovooprovide an open window into the boardroom from any location with an Internet connection.

Plan Your Data Needs Ahead

With your lifeline to the office sitting in your pocket it’s important to hit the road with a pre-loaded data plan that will enable you to safely and reliably access these powerful online tools. To make things simpler for their US-bound small business customers, for example, Rogers allows customers using a Share Everything Plan to receive 100 minutes of talk in the US, unlimited text messaging and unlimited Canada to use minutes for only $20 per month. Be sure to talk to your wireless provider before hitting the road to ensure you’re not overpaying for roaming and data packages

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5 ways the cloud can strengthen your business

Cloud post imageBusiness is becoming an increasingly mobile activity as technology and the infrastructure needed to support it proliferate. And employees, both in the office and on the go, want simple, reliable access to business data and applications. Supporting their use of personal mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, so employees can work how and when they want to, is a great start.

But a more complete solution is to combine mobility with another transformative technology—anywhere, anytime cloud services. Cloud-based business applications turn smartphones, tablets and other connected mobile devices into hyper-flexible digital tools, with virtually unrestricted functionality, storage and mobility.

Employees rely more and more on the simplicity and convenience inherent in retrieving information and services where, when and how they want—and this is most easily and reliably provided when that information is stored in the cloud. A connected workforce is good news for business, and not only because connected employees enjoy increased job satisfaction and productivity. A more connected workforce can collaborate better, make smarter decisions and provide your customers with superior service.

Of course, there are challenges in adopting cloud-based mobile applications. You’ll need to develop a mobility management policy and address new security issues. However, the results are worth the investment. Here are the top 5 advantages we see in moving some or all of your data into the cloud:

1. Lower cost of ownership. No longer having to worry about either acquiring or maintaining expensive servers, systems and applications means you can spend more time and money expanding your business or supporting your most important initiatives.

2. Improved economies of scale. A more productive workplace generates higher output with lower costs because employees will spend less time negotiating old or unreliable systems; but employees who trust their employers to provide them with systems that work are also more productive, so moving critical applications and data to the cloud is doubly advantageous.

3. Scalability and flexibility. Committing to a cloud solution greatly simplifies adding computing resources to support expansion and moving nimbly in new directions. The time you would have spent setting up new hardware is yours for hitting the ground running on new initiatives or ramping up current ones.

4. Security. Storing critical files in the cloud means data isn’t compromised if hardware is damaged or goes missing. Managers, IT and employees will be more productive the less they need to worry about whether or not business data has ended up, or could end up, in the wrong hands.

5. Business continuity. Catastrophic events such as fire, floods or other emergencies can’t touch your data in the cloud, which means your business can remain up and running under almost any circumstances.

Are you planning to move your corporate data into the cloud?

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LG G3: Is it built for business?


A great display can make or break a business phone. And if it’s a big, high-quality screen you want, the LG G3 delivers— but there’s a lot more to a business phone than pixels. The LG G3 is packed to the brim with productivity-boosting business features, check out five of them below:

User-friendly design
The device, available with Rogers in metallic black, is ideal for those who need to stay connected on the go. Designed with a high quality anti-scratch metallic body, the LG G3 is lightweight for ultimate portability and even has a rear-key that lets you easily use the device with one hand.

Record breaking display
The LG G3 boasts a 5.5-inch Quad HD touchscreen display with a leading resolution of 2560×1440. This means its display produces images that are 400 per cent sharper than traditional high definition smartphone displays.  Whether you have PowerPoint presentations, training manuals or maps, you can view your material with incredible clarity.

Smart features
The LG 3G is loaded with all kinds of brilliant business-enabling tools that will let you record audio from meetings, speeches and conferences, and capture white boards, documents, speeches and meetings with cameras and video recorders.

The LG Smart Keyboard lets you text, type an email, edit a presentation, and more with ease, speed and accuracy. The keyboard caters to you as you can compress and expand the keys depending on your typing preference.  The LG G3 also predicts the words you’re about to type after learning your habits, even suggesting symbols to complement your sentence.

Longer battery life
With a removable battery that delivers longer usage time, the LG G3 can keep up with your busy work schedule. The 3000 mAh battery gives you up to 21 hours of talk time so you won’t have to go back to your desk to recharge.

Faster Hardware

Activate your LG G3 on the Rogers LTE network to take advantage of super-fast speeds. You’ll be able to upload and download files, stream video content and collaborate on documents with your team at faster speeds.

The LG G3 is now available in stores and on For more information, check out or contact your local Small Business Specialist.

Tell us. What LG G3 business feature has you talking?

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