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Canadians are Hyperconnected – but businesses are lagging

telecom summit rbbThis morning we kicked off the Canadian Telecom Summit – an event hosted in Toronto where Canadian business and industry leaders gather to discuss important issues in the telecommunications space.

Nitin Kawale, Rogers President of the Enterprise Business Unit opened the event with a presentation about the productivity challenges facing Canadian businesses and the opportunity to overcome by having the right workplace environments and technology in place.

You can check out snippets of Nitin’s keynote on Twitter at this hashtag: #CTS15

Productivity in Canadian businesses has always been an important topic, and it still is. Small and mid-sized companies make up 99.6% of businesses in Canada, employ around 90% of Canadians and contribute more than half of Canada’s gross domestic product

We wanted to better understand the challenge as well, so last year we partnered with Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management on a research project called the Transformation of Work – you can download it here.

There are lots of insights in the report – but we think the most interesting part is a section that captures conversations that Ryerson’s research team had with 30 businesses across Canada. These businesses are all in the midst of bringing mobile technology into their workplace to change the way they work – for the better! Here are some of the key findings from those interviews:

  • Almost all (96%) companies were using mobile technology, but less than 30% saw a clear value proposition for the new technology
  • Only half of the IT managers we talked with have integrated mobile and connected technologies
  • The majority of businesses interviewed do not have a clear mobile strategy in place
  • Productivity gains are the primary drivers to adopt technology in the workplace, according to the majority of study respondents (67%)

To download the Transformation of Work report, visit:  

The Canadian Telecom Summit takes place at the Toronto Congress Centre, bringing together Canada’s ICT leaders to meet, discuss and present on key issues and trends impacting the telecom sector. To follow along with the conversation on Twitter, visit @Rogersbiz or follow #CTS15.

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CommandWear Systems’ rise to success: Technology start-ups accelerate in Canada with the help of Wavefront

CommandWearWe’ve had a long-standing partnership with Wavefront, a Vancouver-based, non-profit business incubator and accelerator. To mark this week’s Wavefront Summits, we sat down with Mike Morrow, CEO of CommandWear Systems to learn about their business and working with Wavefront.

What is CommandWear Systems and how do you work with first responders in the wake of natural (and man-made) disasters?

Having spent 25 years developing crisis management software systems and working alongside first responders, CommandWear chose to tackle critical problems that inhibit responders’ ability to keep us safe and also keep themselves alive in an emergency.

CommandWear offers a secure web-based application that Commanders and Dispatchers can use on any PC or tablet to locate and communicate on the frontlines by using smartphones and wearable technology (e.g. smartwatches).  The system works even when cellular networks are overloaded and the software can function in areas where no communications exist at all. It’s extremely simple to use and requires no more than a 1 minute orientation.  All data is recorded in a database so organizations can review events and incorporate learnings.

How did you come up with the idea to create a wearable technology for the public safety industry?

I saw wearable technology as a way for responders to remain heads-up and hands-free to do their job. We started looking at heads-up displays (smart glasses) but quickly realized that the smartwatch was the best form factor for messaging.  We are testing new wearable technology and will certify only what stands up to the challenging environments first responders work in.

What organizations can benefit from using your solution?

Any public safety agency or security organization that requires situational awareness within an urban or rural environment. Police, fire and emergency medical services are the primary users of our system to date but we are getting interest from security services companies and organizations that have workers operating in remote or hazardous environments.

How has working with Wavefront and Rogers helped your business?

The Wavefront Acceleration Program has been valuable in providing R&D funding, mentoring and introductions to key partners and investors. Rogers is a Wavefront partner and this naturally led us to discussions around how CommandWear and Rogers can collaborate on projects to ensure responders stay connected by bundling Rogers’ devices and network infrastructure and services.

What’s next for CommandWear?

2015 is the year we roll-out the solution in North America. Organizations like the RCMP and San Diego are using our solution today and this year the goal is to leverage our successes and apply learnings to rapidly enhance our solution offerings and value. Success in North America will also allow us to expand globally in 2016 since response organizations around the world collaborate closely and are always looking for proven solutions.

This week at the Wavefront Summits in Ottawa, IoT and technology industry leaders, businesses and developers will converge to discuss different ways Canadian businesses like CommandWear Systems are embracing mobile technology and the Internet of Things.

Follow the conversation along at @RogersBiz #WFSummits.

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Give your business an edge: Wireless apps for professional services

outlook_imageRemember the days before wireless computing? Professional services careers tethered workers to their desks and to files, contracts, bills and endless piles of paperwork.

The personal computer helped digitize the information but didn’t do much to enable mobility.  With the growth of smartphones and tablets, accountants, lawyers, architects and other professional services organizations have become more productive than ever. It doesn’t stop at the right tablet or smartphone, though.  If professionals really want rely on their device for business, the right apps can be incredibly valuable.

As part of a series on tablets and must-have industry apps, here are three applications that can help professionals work on the go, stay productive and save time:

Evernote (Available on Android & iOS)

Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you keep notes, images, lists and any other information across all of your devices. You can create a plaintext note on your tablet, and then open it on your smartphone or any other devices you use.

Evernote runs on laptops, smartphones, tablets and the Web, allowing you to find your notes and documents at anytime from anywhere.  It’s available with basic features for free, or there are premium and business editions that are available for a monthly fee.  Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity.

Invoice2go (Available on Android & iOS)

Invoice2go allows you to create invoices from your phone, tablet or computer. All your documents are synced across your devices, with charts and reports to track which customers have paid and who still owes you money. The app also creates estimates, purchase orders and more – all the documents you need, organized in one place.

Microsoft Word App (Available on Android & iOS)

Word documents look better than ever on your tablet. When you edit or create documents, you can be confident they will look exactly how you want across PC, Mac, tablet and phone. Word has the familiar Office look and feel along with an intuitive touch experience for tablets, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Thinking about getting a tablet for your business?  For a limited time, when you add a tablet to your Rogers Share Everything for Business plan, you can get a $50 credit for business apps. *

For more information about recommended apps, visit

*Click here for legal.

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Get the right tablet for your business

mobile_internet_tablets_bannerToday, Canadians are going multi-platform and owning more tablets than ever before. We love tablets and we know that many of our customers are using the technology in interesting and productive ways from replacing paper to delivering presentations.

We recently launched Easy Pay, our new tablet financing plan that lets you get a tablet for $0 down* when you add it to your Share Everything for Business plan (taxes and Connection Fee extra).

Tablets can help you access information and use applications that  increase productivity and allow you to work on documents and reports from anywhere.

How does Easy Pay work?

  • Pick a tablet you want from Rogers
  • Add the tablet to your Share Everything for Business plan for $10 per month
  • Pay $0 down (a $20 connection fee and taxes on the full cost of the tablet will appear on your first invoice)
  • Make equal Easy Pay payments over 24 months (0% APR on approved credit

How are payments calculated?

It’s simple to calculate your monthly Easy Pay payment:

  • Cost of tablet ÷ 24 months = Easy Pay monthly payment

As an example, here’s how we’d calculate your monthly Easy Pay payment if you got the Samsung GALAXY Tab S today:

  • $649.99 ÷ 24 months = $27.08 per month for 24 months  No term price $649.99

If you want to pay your tablet balance off at any time, Easy Pay gives you the flexibility to do that.

Getting the tablet isn’t everything, though.  If you really want to use your tablet for business, the right apps can be incredibly valuable.  You can talk to our Small Business Specialists to learn more about some of the apps we recommend, or, check out our site to see for yourself.

Plus, for a limited time, when you add a tablet to your Share Everything for Business plan primary line, you can get a $50 credit for business apps to get started**.

For more information about Easy Pay, and to see some of our recommended apps, visit

*Click here for legal. 

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Internet is BIG for business

ignite imageYour Internet connection is crucial to your business.  Whether you’re video-conferencing, connecting with customers and suppliers or accessing databases in the cloud, you need a reliable, fast internet connection.

Yesterday, Rogers announced new fully loaded home internet plans that come with unlimited data and Canada’s fastest Internet speeds as ranked by PC Magazine.

So what’s changing for businesses? Not much! Rogers Business Internet customers have already been able to access internet plans that offer unlimited data usage and 24/7 technical support at no extra cost. Small Business customers can still choose from a range of internet plans that are simple, reliable and designed for every type of connected workplace.

Beyond internet, Rogers has simple solutions that can work for your business.  Whether you’re a start-up looking to establish a customer base, or a growing business with an ever-changing audience, Rogers has simple solutions that can increase your productivity and make it easier for your team to work collaboratively. Our small business specialists can help you discover the latest business solutions and offers specifically geared to support and grow your business.

Small Business customers can also bundle their internet with Business phone and save each month.  Plus, our bundles provide a guaranteed price over the term for added cost certainty, visit to find out more.

For more information or to talk with a small business specialist, visit

How do you rely on internet for your business? 

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Don’t say goodbye to the flip phone just yet: meet the Samsung Rugby 4

Samsung rugby 4 imageFor those who work outdoors or in challenging environments, staying connected while on the job site can be crucial. Having a tough phone that can withstand the elements is even more critical.

The Samsung Rugby 4, like its predecessors, is that kind of phone: designed durable, specifically for industrial use in sectors like construction, field service, transportation, and oil and gas.

How durable? The latest entry in Samsung’s series of rugged phones is military-grade certified and proven to better protect against water, dust, shock, extreme temperatures, and even high altitudes. It’s the practicality you want and the protection you need, all with a name you can trust.


  •  Military casing and military-grade certified to better protect against rigorous environments.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity keeps co-workers connected and saves on wireless data costs.
  • Voice commands save employees’ time and improve efficiency.
  • Multi-functional business features extend and enhance the workday to help increase productivity

The Samsung Rugby 4 also has unique, multi-functional capabilities to help rugged workers extend, and manage the workday:

  • Task Manager: Lets workers switch quickly between common applications without searching through menus to save time.
  • Powerful battery and camera: Allows employees to push the limits of the workday with the extended battery life. Snap images of progress at work with the 3 MP front-facing camera and upload them quickly over the 4G network.
  • GPS functionality: Offers an easy way to find destinations for meetings on the go. Go the direct route or take the path of least resistance with proactive traffic alerts and turn-by-turn navigation.

This device is now available from Rogers on a two year plan. For a full list of features, check out the device on

Does your business take you outside the office? How will you use the Samsung Rugby

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Embrace Mobile Payments this Holiday Season

intro_suretapAs a smart businessperson, you stock the products and provide the services that your customers want. So, why not take the same approach with the method they use to pay for their purchases?

This boxing day and winter shopping season, more customers than ever will use mobile payment options, if you sell from a brick-and-mortar store or online, accepting mobile payments will help you stay competitive and even encourage customers to shop more often at your business.

So where do you start? The suretap wallet is an application that lets customers make payments with their NFC-enabled smartphones at the same contactless point of sale terminals used today.  Customers can store and manage eligible cards they currently carry in their wallet and customers can  purchase virtual gift cards or send gift cards to a friend through , all in one place on their smartphone.

With the suretap wallet, retailers have a new way to reach customers on their mobile devices. The application is an “open wallet” meaning it is designed for any bank, loyalty card or gift card issuer to have their products in the wallet and available to consumers.

Here are a few ways the suretap wallet can help Canadian retailers:

Faster check-outs: The suretap wallet uses NFC (Near Field Communication, a form of secure, short-range wireless communication) technology that works with the same contactless payment terminals that customers already use with some of today’s credit and debit cards. As a merchant, all you need to accept mobile payments made with suretap is a contactless payment terminal.

No new or additional fees: There are no additional associated with processing mobile payments on the suretap wallet.  This is because the suretap wallet is taking cards that consumers carry today, and making them available on their smartphones.

Better loyalty and engagement programs on mobile: In the future, suretap wallet will become the place on their smartphone for consumers to store all of their loyalty and gift cards. As a retailer, you now have the ability to create virtual versions of your loyalty and gift cards and can develop personalized offers.

For more information on the suretap wallet, visit

Have you started to accept mobile payments?

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GIVE AWAY: The BlackBerry® Classic

classic-preorder.png.originalAs 2014 starts to wrap up, many business owners are thinking about resolutions and investments for the New Year. If technology is on your mind, why not start thinking about which smartphone would start you off on the right foot?

Just in time for the holidays, the new BlackBerry® Classic has arrived and is available to Rogers business customers. The device is a mixture of all the good things about BlackBerry smartphones, such as the Physical keyboard and classic navigation keys, combined with the new speed and performance of BlackBerry. Like the recently released BlackBerry Passport, the Classic also comes loaded with Blackberry 10.3 software including Blackberry Blend Technology (brings documents, emails etc. from your device to your laptop or tablet) & BlackBerry Assistant (lets you complete actions on-the-go using voice and text commands).

In addition, the device comes ready for both work and play:

  • The physical keyboard and beloved classic navigation keys let you navigate with confidence using the optical track pad, menu and back buttons as you move between documents, emails, phone calls, etc. Not to be forgotten, you can also rely on the touch screen to get you around!
  • The BlackBerry Classic packs some serious punch, with a 3.5-inch screen, a fast processor with 2GB of RAM making multitasking even easier. It also has a 2,515-mAh battery for up to 22 hours of battery life and a microSD card slot to expand your storage if need be.
  • There’s no shortage of apps at your fingertips for work or play, with access to BlackBerry apps on BlackBerry® World™ and Android apps through the Amazon App store.

Want to give this new device a try? We’re giving one away. All you have to do is to tell us how your business could benefit from a BlackBerry Classic device (100 words or less) in the comment section of this blog post to be entered into our draw.

We’ll be doing a random draw of all eligible email subscribers on January 19th, 2015 and will be announcing the winner here, and via our Twitter account, @RogersBiz within approximately ten days following the draw.

For more information about this device contact your local Rogers Small Business Specialist or Rogers representative.

Contest closes at 4:00 pm ET on January 19, 2015. Open to residents of Canada who are 18 years or older, excluding residents of Quebec. Prize: one (1) BlackBerry Classic valued at approximately $500. One entry/person. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries. Mathematical skill-testing question to be correctly answered to win. No Purchase Necessary. Full rules here.

UPDATE (January 19, 2015, 12:01 p.m): The  contest is now over. Thank to everyone who participated  We’ll be drawing the winner later today and announcing the winner both here on this blog post and on our Twitter account, @RogersBiz in the coming days. Stay tuned!

UPDATE (February 12, 2015, 10:09 a.m):  Congratulations to Marc from HUNTERS International Insurance, the winner of the BlackBerry Classic in our RedBoard Biz give away contest. Thanks for participating and thank  you to all our readers. We hope you’ll enjoying receiving our update.

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Get ready for a New Year packed with NHL!

RBB_RGCLWhen the puck dropped in October, we announced that all Rogers wireless data and Internet customers received a free preview subscription to Rogers NHL™ GameCentre LIVE™ until December 31. Last month we shared that Rogers customers get a free 2014-15 Season’s Pass to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™ (including the Stanley Cup® Playoffs!), if they’re on one of the following (or select grandfathered) wireless or internet plans:

  • Share Everything™ for Business wireless plan (comes with data that can be shared with up to 25 devices, unlimited text , Canada-wide calling and access to ROAM LIKE HOME™ for just $5/day when roaming in the U.S)
  • Business Internet Standard or above

Remember to get on one of these plans if you want to score a 2014-15 Season’s Pass for Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™, otherwise the free preview subscription ends December 31st.* Depending on where you’re watching, you’ll get access to national, in-market regional, and out-of-market regional games, French broadcasts, plus, Rogers customers also get exclusive access to GamePlus™ and MyReplay angles that put your right in the middle of the action.

Tune in on TV

We’ve also got an all-star line-up on for traditional TV:

  • With NHL® Centre Ice, you’ll be able to show up to 37 regular season, out-of-market NHL games every week in both SD and HD. Bundle your business internet, phone and TV, and you’ll receive one season of NHL® Centre Ice™ for free – that’s valued over $1200.00!
  • The NHL on Sportsnet will deliver 350 national regular season NHL games across nine networks, including CBC, City, Sportsnet (East, Ontario, West, and Pacific), Sportsnet ONE, Sportsnet 360 and FX Canada.
  • The Grid on channel 509 (available in Ontario only) is a showcase of six channels at once: Sportsnet Ontario™, Sportsnet ONE™, Sportsnet 360™, City™, CBC, and FX Canada.
  • Sportsnews on ch. 500 features scores and game updates on game night.

Whether your customers are looking to follow their favourite team, players, or just a game featuring the league’s best stars, they’ll know your establishment is the best place to do it.

For more information about NHL® Centre Ice™ or Rogers Game Centre LIVE™ contact your local Small Business Specialist today.

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