Which mobile internet device suits you and your business best?

The Mobile Hotspot and Rocket Hub from Rogers  can fill your company’s mobile-connectivity needs.  So which one is right for you? The staff of Connected for Business helps you weigh your options.

When it comes to doing business remotely or taking your work on the road, the Mobile Hotspot and Rocket Hub have you covered. Whether you’re setting up a mobile kiosk for staff at a trade show, staying connected with your colleagues while you’re on vacation, or just looking for a way to create secure Internet connectivity outside the office, these mobile devices deliver better flexibility, dependability, security and performance than free, public Wi-Fi. Connected to the Rogers LTE network, you can enjoy Internet speeds* comparable to your office or home connection wherever your work takes you, and you can save on install and usage charges for temporary connectivity.

While they share many features – both the Mobile Hotspot and Rocket Hub offer customizable password protection, both can be used on the Rogers wireless network across Canada, and both are portable devices that offer easy, technician-free set up – each is tailor-made with specific business needs and functions in mind. Read on for a look at how they stack up.

*Refers to maximum theoretical speeds. Rogers LTE network offers typical download speeds of 12 to 25 Mbps, or up to 40 Mbps for select devices. Outside of Rogers LTE coverage areas, LTE devices will seamlessly fall back to 4G HSPA+ or EDGE. Actual speeds may vary based on plan selected, device, network access type and spectrum, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion and other factors.

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