Manage your business’s privacy with mobile app protection

Mobile security tips from RogersAs devices become more intelligent and mobile technology is used more frequently in your business, mobile security is essential. In the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing mobile security tips that can help you whether you are a small business owner or manager of the IT department.

Recently, we wrote posts about security tips for  BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. Today we’re talking about security on mobile applications for business and how to stop them from accessing off-limit data.

Apps can be essential for day-to-day business. Before downloading them to your device, it is essential to know the full capabilities of these programs, including the amount of information they may take from you or your employee’s device.

Here’s how adding apps to your regular mobile security check can help keep your business safe:

  • It helps prevent staff from unintentionally exposing your network and devices to viruses and hackers.
  • Helps to limit the downloading of malicious, pirated or repackaged applications from unofficial websites.
  • Helps to ensure that apps on business-used devices are not accessing sensitive business data without your permission or knowledge.

What can you do today?

  1. Say ‘no’ to app permissions
    Some apps are able to access users’ locations and contacts. Make sure users know when to say ‘no’ to  apps that are requesting this kind of information access.
  2. Create a pool of approved apps
    Define app download policies and make sure users only download (and update) approved software.
  3. Use application access control software
    Not all apps are what they seem. But there are tools that can be downloaded for free or purchased to help monitor how your device is behaving and, if it sees something suspicious, can quarantine and can even remotely wipe it.

Want to learn more?

  • Watch this video from No Panic Computing to learn how to change Facebook privacy settings to stop it from accessing employee information.
  • Check out Mobile Application and MDM tips in our mobile security e-book.
  • Find out how mobile apps access personal data and explore security with this report from Lookout Security.

Are you using apps for business? What security features have you found useful?

Lauren is a regular contributor to Redboard Biz

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