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RogersTalks_tw_caro_1This post originally appeared on Connected For Business and has been republished with permission.

If you’re like most small-business owners, finding the time, revenue and resources to drive your company forward can be a challenge. Devote just one morning to a Rogers Talks event, though, and it will be time well spent.

This cross-country speaker series, featuring some of Canada’s biggest names in business, will send you away inspired, invigorated and loaded with actionable tips and tools you can apply immediately to your own company.

These industry experts of today have been where you are right now, and they’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. They’ll not only share with you the stumbles that led them to success, they’ll offer concrete advice and insight about everything from online marketing to building your brand to cross-platform strategies. Plus, you’ll have ample time during networking breaks to mingle with them, as well as other small-business owners, for one-on-one conversations.

Here are some highlights from the 2014 Rogers Talks events:

• One of the most inspiring talks at last year’s event was from Frank O’Dea, co-founder of coffee chain Second Cup, during his presentation (“Perfecting Your Online Presence”) in Ottawa. A true rags-to-riches story, O’Dea went from panhandling to receiving the Order of Canada at Rideau Hall. Three words drive him: hope, vision, action. “Without hope there’s no vision, and without action, vision is simply a dream,” he said at the event. He went on to share his three groundbreaking ideas, which perked up the coffee industry and made him his millions.

• In Vancouver, Peter Van Stolk, CEO of organic-produce delivery company SPUD, spoke about his core business principles in his presentation on building your brand through social media. He believes we should be reacting to the future, not the present, because everything will change. He also takes a page from marriage counselors and advises listening from your customer’s perspective rather than your own, communicating without judging, and acknowledging what’s been said.

• In Calgary, LinkedIn Canada account director Ben Kelly shared his strategies for content marketing for small business. He emphasized the importance of using social media to generate word of mouth and deliver content, as well as offer new information about your company. He also explained how to use online content to leverage your understanding of marketing.

• In Toronto, internet strategist and broadcaster Jesse Hirsh revealed valuable insight about the future of mobile commerce during his presentation on “The New Buying Culture.” And in Montreal, Eric Fournier, partner at multimedia company Moment Factory laid out a game plan for how to integrate those changes into your own company during his talk on Keeping Up With Technological Changes.

Ready to take part in one of this year’s Rogers Talks? Visit rogerstalksevent.com for more information and to register for the 2015 Rogers Talks event nearest you!

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Introducing Food & Safety Solutions from Rogers

130247From food production to distribution to food sales and service, we understand how essential safety is to each part of the process – and how complex ensuring it can be. To that end, Rogers has created Rogers Food & Safety Solutions: total turnkey IoT remote monitoring to help you achieve HACCP compliance and enjoy peace of mind.

By creating a secure sensory network that seamlessly connects the diverse elements of your business – from remote, unattended environments to vehicle fleets, warehouses, and food services spread across the province or country – Rogers can help you manage your product and processes more effectively.

Rogers Food & Safety Solutions takes the complexity out of running your business by automating the monitoring of data, such as temperature thresholds, while maintaining an audit trail so that you’re able to produce custom reports and digitized records easily and systematically in event of an audit and for further reference when making critical business decisions. These solutions help in ensuring that your food is safe by controlling conditions, detecting hazardous threats, preventing health risks, reducing food waste and increasing profitability.

How it works

Once secure sensory networks have been installed where required and you’ve established the conditions that must be maintained during each stage of the process, the network collects and monitors data in real time and allows you and your staff to view streaming analytic dashboards on smartphones, tablets and laptops for immediate secure access without having to be at a remote location. You and your staff will also receive real-time alerts when a hazardous threat is detected, enabling you to act quickly to avoid a crisis.

Plus, you can enjoy the convenience of one simple billing method for all aspects of the end to end solution and one single point of contact to address all your servicing needs. From farm to forks here’s how Rogers Food and Safety Solutions can benefit your business:

For food production: Farm & Food Monitoring

A proactive approach to business issues, the Farm & Food Monitoring solution allows you remotely check key status points at each stage of the production process, no matter how harsh, or dispersed the environments.

Farm & Food Monitoring helps you:

  • Provide visibility, vistas, and reliable metrics for multiple aspects of agriculture.
  • Monitor food produce, livestock, and equipment
  • Automate and eliminate manual processes
  • Produce custom reports and digitized records easily and systematically
  • Ensure business is running optimally
  • achieve HACCP compliance
  • Manage threats and alerts in realtime
  • Improve employee safety

For food transportation: Cold and Cargo Fleet Management

Ideal for clients looking to replace their existing GPS-only systems with a proactive real-time IoT platform, the Cold and Cargo Fleet Management remote monitoring solution ensures that your cargo is stored in optimal conditions and delivered punctually. Cold and Cargo Fleet Management helps you:

  • Monitor temperature, and many fleet critical dependencies while cargo is en route
  • Manage threats and threshold alerts in real-time
  • Manage your fleet with standard GPS tracking and fleet management features
  • Optimize your business through data accuracy and secure data management
  • Monetize real-world metrics and alleviate human labour and intervention
  • Produce custom reports and digitized records easily and systematically
  • Achieve HACCP compliance

For restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses and more: Food Safety

A proactive approach to business issues, the Food Safety remote monitoring solution allows you to monitor and track key storage parameters – no matter how many or how disperse the locations – to prevent food spoilage. Food Safety helps you:

  • monitor temperature thresholds and other business critical control points
  • manage threats, alerts and changes in real-time
  • improve employee safety
  • monetize real-world metrics and alleviate human labour and intervention
  • produce custom reports and digitized records easily and systematically
  • achieve HACCP compliance
  • focus on your core business functions

Discover how Rogers Food & Safety Solutions can help your business produce great food safely, more effectively and with increased profitably. Get in touch with your Rogers account manager or click here to get more information.

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The Need For Speed in IT

167132255_22There’s a definite need for speed in business information technology.

One of the most important values that IT provides for business today is what many described as agility or more simply the ability through the use of technology to respond rapidly to business market changes, disruptions and new opportunities without losing momentum or vision.

That might include things like adding new business locations or the need to extend IT resources and capabilities to your employees, customers and partners. Agility is key when improving IT-enabled business process function or the services capabilities that support your employees, customers and partners. It may also be a matter of reallocating resources by moving IT investment capabilities away from stagnant areas of business to support better growth potentials.

Time is always of the essence when it comes to responding rapidly to market disruptions that create opportunities because these can be small windows and moving quickly is essential. Supporting information technology and communications need to be immediately in place and it must be done simply and securely.

But, you may not have the capital funding to make these necessary additional communications infrastructure investments and, even if you did, perhaps you can’t roll it out quickly enough through your own in-house resources. Or you may not even have an internal IT organization to do the work.

Many businesses today are required to move or extend the range and function of communication infrastructures. Can you make that happen? IT and connectivity often needs to be fluid – expanding and shifting as your business processes are redefined…or as your company enters new market opportunities…or needs different requirements to meet the new realities of existing markets.

IT and connectivity can’t be static and unchanging. It must move fast – to support the people and changing processes when or where they’re needed or happen to be.

And collaboration is an essential need for business. Results of a CIO survey conducted by IT World Canada in 2015 show that enterprise collaboration and the need to create a flexible workplace are the top two priorities for technology in the next five years. It needs to happen in a way that’s secure and highly managed.

Here’s an approach that may help you address your rapid IT deployment needs http://enterprise.rogers.com/on/en/

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Rogers – powering the future of business!

White Phoenix 1The world of work is changing fast. It’s never been more vital to work towards productivity, collaboration, customer engagement and security strategies that outpace the competition.

Starting today, businesses will be able to access a range of Managed Network Services built in collaboration with Cisco, with more solutions available in the coming months. The following solutions will be managed by Rogers in a virtual cloud environment to free-up time, mitigate security risks, and reduce ‘truck rolls’ for businesses that operate a number of sites:

  • Managed Business Wi-Fi as a Service
  • Managed Guest Wi-Fi as a Service
  • Customer Engagement and Application Development Platforms and analytics
  • Cloud Portal: Enables businesses to view and/or manage their network from any device
  • Virtual Managed Services Platform: firewall features; anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing security solutions

When it comes to Wi-Fi, access is traditionally viewed as not secure. Managed Wi-Fi provides reliable, high-performance connectivity to help improve employee productivity, customer engagement and business processes.

Rogers is offering Managed Wi-Fi as a Service, with Business and Guest configurations. This product is a fully managed solution with easy, service-based billing with lower upfront capital costs. With Rogers Managed Wi-Fi as a Service, you have choices, from the features you choose to the level of service and management. And whatever you choose, Rogers will provide dedicated, expert support, embedded security, and a solution that works best for your business needs.

If you’re ready to explore your options, we’re here to help. For articles and videos on virtualized managed services visit Rogers.com/ManagedServices, or to speak with a business specialist call 1-866-835-1292

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We’re here to make the vision of connected business a reality

Starting today you’re going to see Rogers in a new light, a new solutions partner for Canadians businesses who are serious about making a mark in their industry. Rogers, more than any other company, knows the power of technology doesn’t come from the tech itself. It comes from how it is used. At Rogers, we’re transforming how we do business so we can deliver new solutions that help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and profit from easier, more flexible ways to work.

Rogers will be focusing on delivering cutting edge solutions in the following areas:

  • Flexible Work
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Versatile Networks

Watch the video: Industry demands innovation 

For more information, please visit: http://enterprise.rogers.com/on/en/

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Sustainable food waste gets techy with the Internet of Things.

APPLE 2We recently interviewed Shawn Dym, CEO at Totally Green. We chatted about his business, his Orca solution and the benefits of the Internet of Things. Here are some excerpts from that interview:

Can you explain what your company Totally Green is and your Orca solution?

We develop, manufacture, and market the ORCA solution, which consists of a machine that sustainably processes food waste, and an extensive service plan to ensure clients get the support and attention they need. The ORCA machine enables rapid decomposition of most organic material in institutional and commercial end-user applications, after which the liquid effluent is safely discharged into the municipal sewage system. The system creates meaningful cost savings for customers while diverting food waste disposal from landfills and reducing methane gas production. Our solution offers businesses an innovative and affordable solution for food and beverage by-product disposal.

When did you first hear about the Internet of Things (IoT)?

I was first really exposed to the IoT in the last 5 years, although in the last few years, it seems to have really taken off.

What made you decide to enhance your products with IoT technology?

We realized that enhancing our product with IoT technology would allow us to offer our customers an even higher level of service, as well as allow them to experience a level of real-time transparency and reporting they’ve never before been able to experience in the disposal space. Once we started to map out the possibilities, the decision to move forward came quite simply.

What are the benefits you’re seeing with the IoT solution that’s been deployed on your Orcas?

While it is still in the earlier stages, we’ve been able to diagnose issues with equipment in the field and either fix them remotely, or dispatch a technician to fix it right away, often before a user even knows there may be an issue, and with little to no down time. We’re also seeing customers that are able to more accurately report on their waste diversion and sustainability metrics.

What do you think the possibilities are with IoT technology in the waste management industry?

I think there are tremendous possibilities in the waste management industry to deploy IoT technology. It is an industry that hasn’t developed as quickly as many of the industries around it. It has been difficult for haulers to offer customers very timely and accurate reporting, and we feel that the deployment of IoT technology can help in this area, which can lead to waste and cost reductions. We are firm believers that IoT technology will be an integral part of the movement towards zero waste.

Do you think the rest of the waste management industry will start to adopt solutions like yours?

I think that customers are demanding new and innovative solutions. Particularly in the space that we’re currently in, we’re dealing with very sophisticated customers, many of whom have aggressive corporate level waste diversion and sustainability goals and targets in place. These types of customers are able to drive innovation and change in the industry. We’re starting to partner with conventional waste management providers, and working with them to offer our solution to their customers. The response thus far has been great, and we expect to see a lot of these types of partnerships in the future.

What advice would you give to other businesses thinking about adopting IoT in their businesses?

I’d say that it’s a bit different for every business, but if you think that there is a way that you can leverage IoT to meaningfully improve your offering, or the customer experience, it’s something you need to really think about doing. I also think that in these types of projects, you’ll be most successful if you bring in the right partners with experience in the space to help you develop your technology.

For more information about the Internet of Things visit our website.

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Never miss or drop an important business call again!

RFB_150316_MYROGERS1_TWSmartphones are vital in today’s business world, they enable employees to stay connected and accessible all the time. This isn’t always easy for those who live or work in a condo, basement or other office with poor cellular coverage. Wi-Fi works well for data use, but calling and texting can often be unreliable when coverage is weaker.

Some people use third party apps to solve this problem, but they aren’t the easiest to use; often requiring a new address book and ensuring that others are using the same app. That’s all changed with Rogers Wi-Fi calling.

Wi-Fi Calling let’s you easily make calls and send/receive text messages on your phone, when you’re phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network; in Canada or while traveling.

Wi-Fi calling is available to all Rogers customers who have an eligible handset device using a LTE SIM Card, and are subscribed to a LTE data plan, as part of their wireless voice and data subscription. Devices include iPhone 5c/5s/6/6 Plus.Wi-Fi Calling is simple to set up & use:

  • To get started, just turn Wi-Fi Calling “on” in your phone settings
  • There’s nothing to download – just call and text as usual

Any calls or texts will be billed to your wireless account at the same rate as they are per your existing wireless plan.

Don’t forget that if you’re also enrolled in Roam Like Home, you can easily call friends, family and colleagues while traveling.

If you want to know more about Wi-Fi calling, and what devices are capable of utilizing this technology, head on over to Rogers.com.

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Rogers wins award for Market Leadership in Cellular M2M & IoT

F&S ImageFrost & Sullivan has a global team of analysts and consultants that continuously research a wide range of markets across multiple sectors and geographies. A core aspect of this research is to determine the market leaders for each market. This is a rigorous exercise that involves analyzing revenues and shipments for each of the companies, and cross-verifying this analysis through primary and secondary research, ultimately leading to a clear determination of the market leader. So why is this relevant to Rogers?

“Based on its recent analysis of the cellular machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Rogers Communications with the 2015 Canadian Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Leadership for capturing 60 percent of the market share within its industry.”

Rogers currently supports more than 1.5 million M2M and IoT connections, which is more than any other mobile operator in Canada. Rogers continues to add thousands of new connections every month and has grown across all main industry verticals, including telematics, fleet management, asset management, retail, healthcare and government.

In order to establish a market leader, an arduous set of criteria is analysed, and includes the following:

  • Growth strategy excellence
  • Implementation excellence
  • Brand strength
  • Product quality
  • Product differentiation
  • Technology leverage
  • Price/performance value
  • Customer purchase experience
  • Customer ownership experience
  • Customer service experience

It was determined that Rogers’s unique strengths for M2M and IoT include the network assets (both wireless and wireline), innovative service platforms, dedicated channels and partner programs, and proven M2M deployments consisting of millions of M2M endpoints.

If you’re looking for more information on how you can implement IoT technology in your business, you’ll find information here:

http://enterprise.rogers.com/on/en/solutions-services/supporting-infra structure/internet-of-things


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Get Rogers Wireless Business Phone for Convenience

wireless-business-phone-480x360This post originally appeared on Connected For Business and has been republished with permission.

An easy and affordable solution that helps you – and your customers – connect when you set up temporary locations.

Communication may have moved firmly into the digital age – with emails, text messages and social-media updates now the norm – but, when it comes to the ways in which customers connect with businesses and business owners (and vice versa), a phone call remains the simplest and most immediate way to ask a question, book an appointment or provide feedback.

Having a way for your customers to reach you by phone can sometimes be challenging, though – especially if you typically set up temporary locations and you’d rather not have your cell phone ringing non-stop while you’re on the job.

If you operate an on-the-move business and are looking for an affordable solution, Rogers Wireless Business Phone is ideal for you.

Rogers Wireless Business Phone is a portable, plug-and-go, fully featured communication solution that lets you make and take calls on a standard (analogue corded or cordless) telephone wherever there’s an available electrical outlet or power source, and a cellular signal on the Rogers wireless network.

No need to have a technician set it up – you can easily do it yourself (see below for instructions). And with Wireless Business Phone, you’ll get all the features you need, including unlimited Canada-wide calling1, enhanced voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding2, caller ID and conference calling.

Perfect If You Have An Office, But You Work Remotely

Let’s say you’re a contractor, landscaper, tradesperson, caterer or run any kind of business that finds you working remotely instead of in your company’s office, at your desk, each day. By taking Rogers Wireless Business Phone with you, you can stay in touch with your suppliers, clients and colleagues without having calls directed to your cell phone, potentially interrupting your workflow.

When your Wireless Business Phone rings, you’ll know instantly that it’s a business-related call – which means you (or someone on your team) can answer professionally, your cell phone can remain on “silent,” and you don’t ever need to provide your personal number to customers. You can take your Wireless Business Phone with you, then just unplug it at the end of the day and take it with you when you leave.

Ideal If You Operate Your Business Out Of A Temporary Location

Maybe you spend your days running a food truck, a pop-up specialty store or a kiosk in a shopping mall, or perhaps you’re a business owner who’ll be spending some time travelling to trade shows and conferences where you’ll need to set up a temporary “office.” With Rogers Wireless Business Phone, you’ve got a cost-effective and easy-to-use phone solution that goes where you go.

No need to set up costly land lines each time you relocate, to use your cell phone for business calls, or to be stuck renting equipment and using whatever carrier a shopping-mall landlord might require in a leased space. With Wireless Business Phone, you’re always connected, and you can rest easy knowing you’re doing so via the reliable Rogers wireless network.

How does it all work? Rogers Wireless Business Phone couldn’t be simpler to use:

1. Purchase a portable Rogers Wireless Business Phone device for $39.99, and select a monthly, no-term, no-contract plan.

2. Put a SIM card into the Wireless Business Phone device, and then attach a phone (e.g., a cordless analogue telephone).

3. Plug the Wireless Business Phone device into an electrical outlet or power source. No phone jack is required.

4. Turn the device on. You’re done!

In just four easy steps, you’re ready to start making and taking calls using your Rogers Wireless Business Phone. And you – and your location-based business – are then always reachable by anyone who needs to connect with you.

Learn more about Rogers Wireless Business Phone, or call 1-877-490-2201 for more information.

Visit rogers.com/wirelessbusinessphone to confirm availability in your area. Where applicable international long distance, additional options and taxes are extra and billed monthly. Service intended for business use only (cannot roam with device). Wireless Business Phone device required and is sold separately ($39.99). SIM included with device is locked to and may only be used with the Wireless Business Phone device. Wireless Business Phone device has access to phone service over the Rogers wireless network (excludes Extended Coverage areas). For important wireless 9-1-1 information, visit rogers.com/911. 9-1-1 calls are routed based on the wireless network’s automatic location technology, but you may have to provide your business address to emergency responders. Rogers recommends that you always have an alternative means of accessing 9-1-1 services from your home or business during a power or network outage. Corded or cordless landline business phone equipment is not included. Not compatible with services including but not limited to wireless messaging and data services, fax service, medical alert systems, medical monitoring systems, credit card machines, IP/PBX Phone systems, or dial-up internet service. May not be compatible with your business security system or DVR/satellite systems, please check with your provider. Usage subject to Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, rogers.com/terms.

1Device can be used anywhere there is coverage on the Rogers wireless network in Canada. Cannot be used while roaming. Wireless coverage not available in all areas. Refer to wireless coverage maps for details.

2Call Forwarding includes up to 2,500 minutes to Canadian numbers.

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